Puffin Equine Pellets



Puffin Equine Pellets are 100% sterile and made from top-quality raw materials with no additives of any kind, making them the perfect bedding material for your horse.

There are a number of ways to set up a stall with wood pellets; however, the following series of steps seems to work quite well in most situations:

  1. Clean out the stall down to the floor (dirt, wood, concrete, rubber mats).
  2. Place the contents of three to five bags (20kg each) in the centre two-thirds of the stall, and spread the pellets out to an even depth of roughly 2 inches. Alternatively, you may also locate the bedded area where the horse prefers to “go”. The number of bags used will depend on the size of the stall, climate, horses’ habits, and personal experience from working with the bedding.
  3. Next, lightly moisten the pellets with 2 to 3 gallons of water to initiate their opening to a "fluffy" consistency. The water serves to break down the resin sheen on the sides of the pellet. The amount of water used will depend on the humidity of your area and may vary at different times of the year.
  4. For deeper bedding, you may choose to add one or two more bags on top and again moisten with 1 to 2 gallons of water. Deeper bedding is not always advantageous, and therefore some experimentation is appropriate to optimise product use. Because they are highly absorbent, it’s OK to be stingy with wood pellets.
  5. Within 20 minutes of wetting, the bedding will expand to approximately 3 to 4 times its original depth and it will take on a much softer texture and a whitish color. It will continue to “grow” somewhat over the course of the first week.
Approximately once a week, up to 1 bag of new pellets will need to be added to compensate for the amount of manure and saturated bedding taken out of the stall. Note that these new pellets should be scattered evenly and do not need to be wetted down when they are added to the mix. Many horse owners who use pellets strip the stalls once every two or three months, instead of weekly, thereby saving a considerable amount of waste volume and significantly reducing the cost of bedding and labor.

Because the solid manure separates so easily from the fine wood fibres, very little of the bedding is actually removed from the stall. The urine saturated areas should be removed entirely, leaving only dry to moist bedding (Key: Do not scatter the saturated bedding, as some brands suggest, as this will lead to ammonia odours and necessitate mucking out the entire stall before the material has been fully utilised).

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