Blown/Bulk Pellet Deliveries

Our Puffin Blown delivery lorries are specifically built for bulk biomass pellets and won't deliver anything else (e.g. animal feed). Our lorries hold from 9 tonnes to 18 tonnes. The smallest lorry is quite small, great for getting into most driveways or properties with restricted access. Puffin blow pellets at a pressure of 0.4 bar as set by Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology. Our drivers need to get as close to the storage facilities as possible, but can blow up to 25m (however this is recommended). On delivery we will dust extract if the storage facilities allow, attaching a dust sock to the ventilation pipe. 



  1. Our vehicles generally operate Monday-Friday, 6am – 6pm. Deliveries may be made outside these hours. Requests for timed deliveries will be taken into consideration but cannot be guaranteed.
  2. The property and the access roads should be fit for purpose in relation to heavy good vehicles. Puffin will not accept liability for damages due to insufficient road conditions. This includes but is not limited to damages to verges, drains, road surfaces & edges/kerbs. In the event damages are sustained to any HGV vehicle and it is deemed that the road is unsuitable for HGV, the customer may be liable for recovery and/or repairs. Should the customer have any concerns with regards to access, this should be brought to the attention of Puffin at the time of order, Puffin can offer a site visit to assess conditions. Customers may be asked to provide a banksman should there be any access concerns relating to any of the above. If at any point the driver feels that it is unsafe or unsuitable to carry out a delivery, they are within their rights to refuse delivery until other arrangements can be made. Should this be the case the customer will be charged for a failed delivery.
  3. The delivery vehicle will be chosen by Puffin depending on availability and will be in line with access requirements stipulated by the customer and/or the Puffin Transport Manager at each delivery point. Customers are not at liberty to request a particular delivery vehicle for reasons other than accessibility.
  4. Access into the property from the road should be kept clear from obstruction on the day of delivery e.g. parked vehicles, overhanging branches, debris on the road, ice and snow. If it is not possible to clear access to allow delivery, then it is essential that we are informed as soon as possible to allow other arrangements to be made for our vehicles. Late cancellations or failed deliveries may be chargeable. Should Puffin be made aware within 12 hours prior to delivery regarding unsuitable access ie snow or ice, a failed delivery will be chargeable.
  5. The delivery point must have somewhere suitable for the vehicle to park while the delivery is being carried out. This must be within a suitable distance of the store, with plenty of space for the driver to enter and exit the vehicle safely and be able to operate the controls for the blow-in operation, and not blocking any public roads. Should a vehicle be required to block roads/access this should be reported to Puffin before delivery. Puffin may refuse to deliver after a fair assessment of safety has been evaluated.
  6. Due to ENPlus regulations, the maximum blowing length is 20M. Any further than can cause damage to the pellets.
  7. Drivers will not carry pipes up ladders, walls etc in order to connect to hoppers. If connections are unreachable from the ground (higher than 1.5 metres). A platform for the driver to stand on or Flexi Pipes fitted to the inlet connect should be arranged prior to the driver arriving on site. Puffin can supply & fit lengths of stainless steel flexi-hose and suitable attachments which will be attached to an existing connection and left. Flexi hose’s can be removed by the customer between deliveries however they must be attached ready for the driver on his return. You will only be charged cost for the price of these part’s, and we will not charge for fitting it as it will be done as part of your next delivery.  The costs for this are £61+VAT for 1 metre hose with couplings, £87+VAT for 2 metre hose with couplings.
  8. The storage room should be constituted so that it is suitable for filling with a silo truck as per ENplus guidelines. Excess pressures and low pressures could occur. Since we have no influence on the condition of the storage space, we cannot be held liable for damages to occurring during the blow-in process.
  9. The boiler should be turned off by the customer prior to the lorry arriving for delivery. If the customer wishes for us to carry out a delivery without the boiler being turned off, then they must give us written permission to do so by email or letter.
  10. Pellet moles must be removed if the customer requires prior to delivery. If notified, Puffin will assist where possible in lifting pellet moles, however the responsibility lies with the customer. Most pellet moles will dig their way out if left in the store during delivery.
  11. Hopper’s that have a feed shut off slide and require this to be closed during delivery must ensure that this is done prior to delivery commencing. If notified, Puffin will assist where possible in closing the slide, however the responsibility lies with the customer and Puffin will not be liable for any costs resulting in this not being carried out. This is relevant to customers who have prefabricated stores with a vacuum system and have had problems with their return line blocking with pellets during delivery.
  12. Hoppers with Inlet and vent pipes on hopper must be aware Puffin will only blow into the inlet pipe unless requested. Please be aware it may not be possible to fill hoppers to the maximum amount if only one pipe is used. Should this be an issue please contact Puffin before delivery.
  13. Puffin minimum delivery is 3 or 4 tonnes depending on area, delivery point is considered from the time the driver attaches the filling pipe and removes the filling pipe. Should there be multiple filling points, each point is required to hold the minimum tonnage. Any delivery where this cannot be delivered, the customer will be charged for the minimum order amount regardless. The Puffin Delivery Driver will make every effort to deliver as much as safely possible in this situation.
  14. Emergency deliveries will be subject to a charge. This charge is variable and down to the discretion of the management
  15. Cancellations should be notified to the office no later than 24 hours or 1 working day (whichever is longer) before the scheduled delivery. Cancellations made after this will be subject to a charge which will be at the discretion of management. Puffin has the right to cancel or delay deliveries where required, in the event this should happen, Puffin will endeavour to give as much information as possible.

 Puffin will only accept complaints of dust in the hopper under the following conditions:

 UKPC Regulations  

  • The amount of fines, in a delivery will only be < 4% w-% when the total length to be blown between the end user storage and delivery vehicle is less than 20 metres unless otherwise specified by the delivery company prior to delivery.
  • ENplus certified companies in the UK may provide further restrictions on the blown length to allow for any bends, gradients or other impediments to smooth delivery.
  • The end-user’s store must have been cleaned periodically. The frequency of cleaning is based on the number of deliveries but a minimum of once every two years. The store must have been completely cleaned after every 5 deliveries.
  • Compliance with ENplus storage guideline
  • Residual amount of pellets before delivery was less than ten percent of storage capacity
  • Maximum of twenty percent of the new delivery has been used
  • Entering a storage room always presents a significant safety risk. For this reason, the number of interventions should be minimised, and strict safety rules must be observed

 N.B. Particle segregation will occur during delivery and the results can also be seen typically with the ‘face’ of a slope of pellets appearing dusty – the appearance of a dusty ‘face’ DOES NOT mean the pellets are outside the ENplus specification. 


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