May 13, 2022

Wood Pellet Prices

By Lesley Royan
Wood Pellet Prices

Our prices remained static for two years as manufacturing prices began to rise however now, we are now no longer able to absorb increasing production costs. 

To give you an the increases our Industry has been effected by we've put together a small snap shot of what we have been facing:

 Energy and power prices have increased three-fold – up 300%

  1. Packaging manufacturing has doubled – up 200%
  2. Haulage and fuel prices are being affected daily – up 40% this year
  3. Physical pallets have doubled in price – up 200%      
  4. Forest harvesting will be hit by new government legislation
  5. Banning the use of Red Diesel in the manufacturing process, fuel bill increase – up 200%

 Overall, prices of wood pellets in the UK are thought to have risen by between 25% and 40%, in line with costs across Europe.

As we come out of the heating season prices would naturally drop however this year, we are not foreseeing that the market will not enjoy its summer price drop as done previously. 

We will be monitoring the situation closely and as soon as we can we will reduce prices accordingly. We will also be keeping in contact through emails, social media & our website blog on when we believe the prices may will be at there lowest. At that point it may be beneficial to order a stock of pellets to ensure you keep your costs as low as possible.