May 13, 2022

Wood Pellet Availability

By Lesley Royan
Wood Pellet Availability

You may have noticed in recent weeks that there is currently a very high demand for UK produced wood pellets. 

With Brexit, COVID, gas and electricity prices and now the Ukrainian crisis, global pellet supply chains have been faced with extraordinary challenges. The recent UK ban on imported Russian wood pellets has meant that there is now a shortfall of around 360,000 tonnes of wood pellets across the country (source: Hawkins-Wright).

Also, there will also be no FSC® material imported from Russia and Belarus until the current Ukraine crisis ends, which means Russian pellets will no longer qualify as ENPlus.

20% of all European wood pellets are supplied by Russia, Belarus or Ukraine, and removing those volumes from the broader market has had an immediate impact on cost & availability even here in the UK.

This unforeseen shortage has come late in the heating season when our stocks are planned to be relatively low and therefore it’s not possible for us to make up this shortfall at short notice. With this in mind delivery times scales are much longer than normally at this time of year. Currently we are working or 7-10 days however in some area's this may be longer