November 25, 2021

Pallet Delivery Update

By Lesley Royan
Pallet Delivery Update

As I’m sure you may have heard through social media & the news, the U.K is currently experiencing unprecedented issues.

Delivery times throughout the country are currently unpredictable and this could continue throughout the winter.

Our current advise to customers is to order your pallets well in advance to minimise disruptions.

If you normally take one pallet at a time but can store a more then it might be an idea to take a higher quantity than normal.


How serious has the problem become

 A Road Haulage Association (RHA) survey of its members estimates there is now a shortage of more than 100,000 qualified drivers in the UK.
That number includes thousands of drivers from European Union (EU) member states who were previously living and working in the UK.
Even before Covid, the overall estimated shortage was about 60,000 drivers.

Why now?

Covid is certainly part of the problem. As travel became increasingly restricted last year, and large parts of the economy shut down, many European drivers went home. And haulage companies say very few have returned.
The pandemic also created a large backlog in HGV driver tests, so it has been impossible to get enough new drivers up and running.

The industry warned the prime minister in June that there were 25,000 fewer candidates passing their test in 2020 than in 2019.

Haulage companies say the average age of HGV drivers in the UK is 55, and they want more to be done to attract younger workers.

That includes better terms and conditions, better facilities for long distance drivers to use, and a recognition that they are a vital part of the economy.
One consequence of shortages, though, has been that some wages for drivers are already going up.

What impact does the HGV driver shortage have?

The massive shortfall in lorry drivers is contributing to significant supply chain issues across the UK’s economy.

Some sectors have been experiencing difficulties for several months, however the issue seems to have become particularly acute in recent weeks.

A number of retailers have announced shortages of goods, while many industry bodies have warned that the supply chain crisis could persist until Christmas.