September 14, 2021

Our Pellet Production Facility

By Allyn Harper
Our Pellet Production Facility

Wood pellets are made from by-products of the wood industry such as sawdust and woodchips. The raw material is put through a dryer to remove the moisture from it and is then compressed through holes in a metal ring dye to form tightly sealed pellets. Friction generated during manufacture creates heat that in turn releases the natural lignin's within the wood which acts as a glue to bind the pellet together. Our press produces 6mm diameter pellets that are cooled and screened to remove excess dust prior to packaging.


1 ton of wood pellets can replace 400 litres of oil! Saving 1072kg of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.


Wood pellets can be used to produce heat in a specially designed stove or boiler. In addition, some existing solid fuel and oil boilers can be converted to make use of wood pellets.
Being manufactured to a consistent size (Puffin Pellets are 6mm diameter), low moisture content and high density means that wood pellets can be used in automatic clean-burn heating appliances. It also means that the boiler response time is fast and the technology is controllable without increasing the load on the environment.
This and the fact that they are clean and easy to handle make them particularly suitable for domestic use. Being compressed also means that they take up less room than other forms of wood fuel.