November 09, 2021

 Kerbside Delivery: Frequently Asked Questions

By Lesley Royan
 Kerbside Delivery: Frequently Asked Questions

Our pallet deliveries go through various UK Pallet Networks, these networks offer kerbside delivery as standard.

This service is commonly used by palletised networks, as they are typically used to delivering larger, heavier items that are difficult to deliver directly to your door.

What is kerbside delivery?

Kerbside delivery means that pallets will be delivered to the nearest kerbside at the address specified. The network drivers will position their vehicle as close as possible to the delivery address and unload the palletised goods into a spot on the kerbside that is safe and keeps the pallet secure. This is to ensure the safety of the driver, the customer and the general public.

How can we help you with kerbside delivery?

Any pallets you have ordered will be loaded safely from the truck to the ground by trained drivers using a tail-lift. They will make sure that the goods are left in a safe and stable spot on the kerb. However, we will not be able to assist you to transport items from the kerbside spot to any building. The delivery driver will always have to work within health and safety guidelines.

They will not be able to move goods further than the pallet trolley permits, and they will be unable to deliver to steep hills, gravel driveways or other unusual conditions. The ground needs to be hard and even.

If you are not sure if your chosen spot is suitable for kerbside delivery, please speak to one of our Customer Service Advisors.

How should I prepare?

Make sure you know how many boxes or items are in your delivery and have assistance available to move everything from the kerbside spot to its ultimate destination. You may need assistance and items that are large or heavy.