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EN Plus A1 quality pellets, blown straight into your storage hopper

Puffin Pellet Fraud & Scams

Scammers are creating fake websites & social media accounts advertising Puffin Pellets Products. Scams have been increasing sharply & many unknowing customers have been scammed into paying for goods that do not exist
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Pellets made in Scotland

Short transport routes ensure the best quality of pellets and that the carbon footprint is kept as low as possible.

Fuel from local forests

We obtain our sawdust and wood chips exclusively from sawmills in Scotland. This is how we ensure that our raw material comes from sustainable forestry.
Quality Service

Quality Service

Puffin Wood Fuels offer a comprehensive service from production to delivery.

Our employees are committed to supply you with environmentally friendly fuel & take care to ensure a quick and professional delivery. Our products are processed exclusively from natural sawdust and wood chip which exceed all quality standards.

Puffin Pellets are ENplus-A1 certified, FSC certified & BSL authorised.

Our Premium Plus Wood Pellets offer a calorific value of at least 4.8 kWh/kg (2 kg of pellets correspond approximately one litre of oil) Pellet diameter of 6mm & maximum length of 40mm (1% to a maximum of 45mm). The water content is never higher than 10%.

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Bulk Wood Pellets Delivery Calculator

Bulk Wood Pellets Delivery Calculator

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