Firewood Bundle - Kiln Dried Birch - Bulk Bundle


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This Bundle combines kiln dried firewood, briquettes, heat logs & oak whisky staves for woodburners, stoves, open fire places, firepits or chimineas. Not sure which fuel to burn – mix and match your fuel instead. This offers a variety of excellent value wood fuels made from high-grade source materials - ideal for anyone would like to try alterative Firewood Products. 
Kiln Dried Birch Firewood x 1 Bulk Bag/Net
The finest quality birch logs. Creates a bright, hot flame that heats up the room quickly.
Puffin Wood Value Briquettes x 1 Bag
Small, eco-friendly, perfect for a quick high heat burn 
Puffin Heat Logs x 1 Box
Chunkier, dense Briquette with sleek design ideal for a long intense burn
Whisky Oak Firewood Staves x1 Bag
Provided very high heat with a smoked smell

All these products meet the ‘Ready to Burn’ legislation.